Big Easter Thank You!!!

We did it! Thank you to absolutely everyone who helped out in the 2019 Easter campaign for kids in foster care. Today we finished off and delivered 61 Easter gifts each containing a brand new pair of winter pyjamas, a giant chocolate Bunny and a chocolate Easter egg
For all of the kids in care with Westcare

These gifts will be given to each of the amazing foster carers to pass on to the children on Easter Sunday.

Foster parents very often have to put their hands into their own pockets to make sure their special kids are well looked after and have everything we all take for granted. They do so willingly, and we know that without these gifts all of the kids in foster care still would have received something lovely from their foster parents. But it’s just nice to give those amazing carers a financial break, and ease the burden just a little.

A huge heartfelt thank you too all of you who donated and to our hands on volunteers Jodie, Rory, Mimma, Rachel, Karina, Luke, Peter, Annette and Nicola and Glenn.