The Kala Realm

Have you ever wondered if you have unique spiritual gifts? Do you sometimes intuitively know something but don’t know how or why? Perhaps you’ve seen or dreamed of events before they happen or instinctively knew someone even though you’d never met before.

Have you ever wondered how to truly embrace and grow your gifts?

The Kala Space is pleased to announce the soon to open Kala Realm Meditation Space. A beautiful relaxing and private meditation space offering a unique spiritually focussed meditation courses to help you discover your true self and pathway in life. If you’ve ever wondered what your spiritual gifts and special abilities are, this course is for you.

The Kala Realm will also be offering Mindfulness Meditation 
Visualisation Techniques 
Body Scan Meditation 
Relaxation Meditation

Opening in October 2019. Individual classes and more detailed meditation courses will be available.

More details soon.