The Kala Realm

We are so thrilled to share with you the special facebook page we have created for our new meditation den, The Kala Realm.

The Kala Realm will be upstairs from our op shop and will run many different classes and courses, all designed to help your mind rest and help you to live each calmly and with purpose.

We will have special foundation member discounts and offers available.

Please like and follow The Kala Realm page to see updates and opening times.


We see The Kala Realm as being a beautiful space to let your mind rest and connect back to self.

In this incredibly busy world it is all too easy to forget that we need peace and we need calm. We need to connect back to ourselves, to the the spirit residing within the body.

Join us for some beautiful meditation practices, to help rest the mind and connect to the soul.

Class time table available on our website soon.